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We understand that purchasing a new battery is not always the best option. We can pick up your battery and inspect it to see if it can be repaired or if it must be reconditioned. Our testing and evaluation process includes testing each individual cell and providing you with a detailed report of the results so that you can make an informed decision. This will allow you to choose the best option for your company’s budget and needs.   Desulfation technologies have come a long way and GIBS has some of the newest machines available in the industry. It’s what we do!  We also offer full maintenance programs to ensure a longer battery life.  Prevention and planned maintenance is ALWAYS best to keep overall equipment costs low.



We clean & neutralize batteries, battery compartments of equipment and charging stations, properly removing harmful corrosion with CAL-OSHA approved methods.



For lead acid batteries to work at their optimum output, the acid mixture should be kept at manufacturers suggested levels of 1.285-1.295. This will allow battery to properly cycle through. Our Certified Technicians will restore acid levels to their proper levels, we neutralize and dispose spent acid in an environmentally proper, safe, and friendly fashion.



Charging stations must be cleaned and equipment tested regularly to ensure they are not damaging equipment batteries.  Small errors in systems accumulates and costs equipment efficiency, which translates to lost dollars in operating costs and in equipment replacement costs.  Keep your charging stations at their optimum efficiency and your equipment running at top performance!



Evaluation and Installation. Cost benefits including extended battery life; increased performance; cleaner battery, warehouse, and equipment.



Keep your equipment running smoothly, avoid down time, costly repairs, and or replacements.  We can also provide new or refurbished battery cells below MSRP.  Our Planned Maintenance Contracts will help keep your operating and repair costs lower, and prevent costly down time with equipment!



Our technicians have over 35 years combined years of service experience. We can pick up your charger to test and verify if it can be repaired or reconditioned, including replacement of bad cells, or that it will be less expensive to replace it. We have all the latest testing equipment to diagnose the problem. We carry most charger parts in inventory for faster service. We also offer on-site charger diagnosis and repair if needed.